We at WellWisher Group believe that great team leaders are those who empower others!
Each project undertaken by the WellWisher Group is strongly backed by outstanding leadership that provides valuable insight and assistance on taking the business further and paving the way forward.

Chandrakant Bhansali

Chairman's Message

Chandrakant Bhansali

Meet our Chairman, Mr. Chandrakant Mohanlal Bhansali, who has been constructing the excellence that WellWisher Group is displaying since its inception. The organization is guided by the values and driven by his philosophy.

“Our core Values help us pursue our vision to be among the most successful, sustainable and responsible real estate companies across the nation. Ethics is one of those Core Values that guides our actions and decisions and is a constant reminder of what we believe and how we operate. We have always incorporated a culture with strong ethics and operate with integrity. It reflects how we are transparent in our decisions and actions. Our foundation is laid on the firm commitments to our communities, customers, shareholders, employees and the environment. Our vision encapsulates what we believe is essential for maintaining enduring health and growth of our company.”

It feels great to lead a team of innovators and real estate experts in a nation where we foresee and build happiness. On behalf of the WellWisher Group I promise you a space that is beyond imagination and premium in all its essence!”

-Mr. Chandrakant Mohanlal Bhansali, Chairman, Wellwisher Group

Abhijeet Bhansali

Managing Director

Abhijeet Bhansali

Abhijeet Chandrakant Bhansali, MD, Wellwisher Group, promises to bring in a better tomorrow by providing people with improved quality of life and living standards. He shares how buying a piece of land or a new property is a tough game.

“We constantly strive to provide reliable & hassle-free properties to genuine buyers across, through simple, affordable and transparent business practices. We are determined to achieve our goals while adhering to the highest set of business values and ethics and aim to achieve our objectives by adopting innovative business techniques and striving for sufficient profits to finance our company’s growth and create greater value for our shareholders, stakeholders and all associates. We thereby promise to deliver projects with the highest quality and unparalleled designs that earn the loyalty of our customers. With this as our founding philosophy, the WellWisher Group is assured of establishing a leadership position in all its areas of business.

-Abhijeet Chandrakant Bhansali, MD, Wellwisher Group

Abhijeet Bhansali